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Bray Chats covers a wide variety of content. Some of which you may love, some of which you may have absolutely no interest in. We are only working to provide someone with something they find valuable and applicable to their current state of life. Two main themes you might hear or watch a lot about are these; The world of real estate and our passion project, The Grind. No, it's not in reference to some hip coffee shop on an urban street corner, although The Grind would be a pretty sweet name for that. We love talking about and interviewing people who have worked endlessly to achieve their goals, or someone who is currently grinding their way there as we speak. Adversity is overcome by tenacity, and many of the people we speak with share the ability to overcome many obstacles to get to their ultimate achievements. We hope their story makes a small cameo in yours.




Bray Chats, Geoff Bray and what we're doing here! 

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